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Morse keysNote: Currently delivery time 6 - 12 months

Key Price Code Dimensions (lwh)
$220 Bug 001 230mm x 70mm X 75mm
$220 Bug 002 230mm x 70mm x 75mm
$245 Bug 009 100mm x 75mm x 150mm
$130 Key 101 154mm x 65mm x 67mm
$120 Key 102 130mm x 51mm x 45mm
$130 Key 200  180mm x 65mm x 67mm
$140 Key 201 180mm x 65mm x 67mm
$160 Paddle 900 100mm x 75mm x 70mm
$160 Paddle 901 100mm x 75mm x 70mm
$170 Paddle 902 116mm x 75mm x 70mm

Each key shown is an original design and are available to order by mailing me at vk2dlf@yahoo.com.au
16/11/2010: Added Slide Show
11/11/2010: Updated photos and pricelist
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